• Race: Wood Elf
  • Description: Male, 6ft, Slim, Brown Hair, Green Eyes
  • Occupation: Archer Druid
  • Experience Level: Commander
  • Abilities: Stealth, Magic
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Projectiles
  • Weapons: Longbow & arrows, Short Sword, Throwing Daggers
  • Spells: Healing, Magic Missiles
  • Occupation: Assassin
  • Quest: The Giant's Bones

Biography: When I was three years old, my parents left me, abandoning me alone in the woods. I survived on berries and roots. When I grew older, I trained myself to use a hunting bow. Later, I stumbled into a town: my first encounter with civilization. An armorer hired me and I found a home among this strange people that disliked trees and nature. One day a shadow fell across the countryside, and a horrible disease swept through the village. I fled. I ended up in Questport, where I became an adventurer.

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