• Race: Avia (Raven Tribe)
  • Description: Female, short and slight, dark wings. Usually wears a heavy cloak, and a necklace with a strange golden medallion.
  • Experience Level: Commander
  • Abilities: Wind magic; flight
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to fire magic; afraid of water
  • Quest: The Dreambox

Biography: My first memories are of waking up alone on a beach, my wings damp with salt water and a darker substance that I realized was blood. I was bruised and sore, as if I had fallen from a great height.

I could recall next to nothing of my life before that day: my only clues to who I was were a small medallion engraved with a twisting patterns, and confusing nightmares of flying creatures locked in battle. I traveled throughout the world for a time, honing my abilities with wind magic and trying to discover who I was. I succeeded in the first, but not the second.

My travels left me confused in one other way: there were a great deal of people in the world, but almost none of them had wings. I soon took to keeping my own wings concealed under a cloak, having learned that people would be suspicious and fearful of them.

 Even I had heard of the legendary village of Questport, and how anyone--even someone as strange as myself-- could make their fortune there. Hoping to find answers about my lost past, I journeyed to Questport.

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