• Race: Vampire
  • Description: Female, Purple Hair, White Skin, Red Eyes, Fangs
  • Home: Vampville
  • Experience Level: Commander
  • Abilities: Dark Magic, Blood-drive
  • Weaknesses: Light Magic, Garlic
  • Weapons: Poison Sword, Magic
  • Quest: Midnight's Medallion

Biography: My name is Shadowa Moon, and I am a vampire.  I live in the village of Vampville.  I live with my mom, Countess Elizabeth, and my dad, Count Drack. My mom is famous in the human world, and my Dad is Dracula's unknown younger brother. I have a older brother named Drack Jr. and a twin sister named Alice. Also living with us is Staria, an angel who was kind of adopted by my parents.

I remember the day the darkness came! It was 2:00 PM, but the sky was pitch black. Everyone around me swooned from the black vapors that poured into our village, but for some reason, I was not affected. I dragged my family to safety, but was not able to save many in the village. From that day forward, every white building and stone turned black.

I have three cousins named: Bella, Tara and James. Bella is the oldest.   Tara is the youngest and creepiest. James was killed by a werewolf when he tried to steal Midnight's Medallion...

As you know my quest was Midnight's Medallion. You might wonder why a little vampire girl was chosen for such a dangerous quest. I assure you it was not by dumb luck!  I was chosen because my mother created Midnight's Medallion, and gave it to the Lord of the Supreme Council to help keep Questport safe. It is a very powerful amulet!  But, my cousin James, who was evil from birth, decided to steal it to give to his father (my dad's evil brother, Dracula). However, he forgot about the feud Uncle Dracula had started with the werewolves. You really don't want to get caught out in the wilderness alone with those guys when they're angry! It was too bad for James that the amulet won't protect you from your own stupidity.

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