• Race: Demon Transformer
  • Description: Male, 4 ft, Skinny, Bat Wings, Black Hair and Eyes
  • Home: Hybris 
  • Experience Level: Minion
  • Abilities: Land and Water Transformation, Fire and Steam
  • Weaknesses: Ice, Vegetables
  • Weapons: Extendible Claw, Grappling Hook, Flaming Whip and Horns (when transformed), Claws
  • Armor: Steel Gauntlets
  • Pet: Demon Bunny
  • Quest: The Book of Knowledge

Biography: I was once a servant of the Lord of Angels and Demons, but one day I was assigned to serve him his favorite meal: a live demon bunny dipped in orange sauce.  The bunny looked at me so sadly that I just couldn't do it, so instead I hid him in my cloak and fled from the castle. Because I felt sorry for the Demon Bunny, something no demon should feel, I was banished forever from Hybris.  When the Darkness swallowed the land, I fled to Questport to find a way to free all people from evil. The Demon Bunny remains my closest friend and companion.

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