The Lord of Angels & Demons

  • Race: Demon transformer
  • Description: Tall, bluish skin, silver hair, purple and dark-blue wings, scar on left cheek
  • Home: Hybris
  • Title: Lord of Angels and Demons
  • Abilities: Sorcery, flight, omniscience
  • Weaknesses: Fair maidens
  • Weapons: Sorcery, poisoned daggers, gremlins


Little is known about the past of the current ruler of Hybris. He came to power about three hundred years ago, deposing Lord Othrakk, the former ruler, in an efficient coup. Due to his uncommonly angelic countenance—angels were all but extinct in Hybris—and great powers of sorcery, he was swiftly accepted by the demons of Hybris as their new lord.  

From the very beginning of his rule, the Lord of Angels and Demons sought to expand Hybris’s influence in the world. He led the demon armies west and conquered the gremlins and gargoyles, forcing them to swear fealty to him and him alone. With the power of Hybris thus increased, he turned his sights north. There lay the land of the Karsai, ferocious shapeshifters that had long been bitter rivals and enemies of the Hybris demons. Demon fought shapeshifter on the Great Ice-Field, and it was clear from the beginning that the Karsai could not hope to stand against the demons. The Lord of Angels and Demons wielded great and terrible sorceries, aided by the power of a magical ring that he wore upon his finger. The Karsai, in great despair, summoned up an eldritch spirit of the north and loosed it upon the demons. The magic ring strove against the malice of the spirit, but after a moment of impasse the ring twisted and shattered, and a shard of it smote the Lord of Angels and Demons’ cheek, a hairsbreadth from his eye. The remaining Karsai surged forwards and put the demons to flight, and the ruler of Hybris was carried ignominiously from the field.  

Alone in his tower, looking out over dark Hybris, the Lord of Angels and Demons brooded over the loss of his ring. With its destruction, he had lost the greatest part of his sorcerous powers, although most of his natural magic still remained. Forced to abandon his grand dreams of conquest, the ruler of Hybris instead turned to a more cunning form of statecraft.  

Over the next century, it was nearly impossible to mention a great event that did not have some connection to the Lord of Angels and Demons. His machinations inflamed the rival dwarven city-states of Montagaris and Capulis to open war, and his skills at diplomacy ended the conflict and welded the two into a single nation—while leaving their leaders deeply indebted to Hybris. Stories, already half-legend, tell of his epic duel with the Sorcerer-King of Khadein, that raged for three months and left half of Khadein a smoking ruin before the Sorcerer-King gave in. He courted the great elven beauty Cyra Leafdancer, a pursuit that ended in humiliation for him and exile for her. Brend, the Lord of the Supreme Council of Questport, went so far as to outlaw him from Questport—but the Lord of Angels and Demons had the last laugh, when Lord Brend died in his sleep only a week later. And then there was that incident with the servant and the demon-rabbit that was intended for his supper… but no one was supposed to know about that. 

And then the Master of Darkness broke free. 

Hybris was on the northern edges of the realms, and it was there that this first attack of the forces of Darkness fell. The demons mounted a valiant resistance, but the Master of Darkness’s power was too great, and Hybris fell. Most of the demons either swore servitude to the evil forces of were slain. Accompanied only by a handful of gremlins, the Lord of Angels and Demons fled to Questport. 

The Supreme Council was not happy to allow him within the sacred realm again, but they grudgingly permitted him to enter. It was in this interview with the Supreme Council that the Lord of Angels and Demons noticed a charming young woman among their number, whom the others enigmatically referred to as their lehdro s'ectre, "secret-keeper" in the old tongue. The demon lord soon found himself enamored of her, writing her long letters and even sending his gremlins to bring her flowers he had picked in the many gardens of Questport. But it was all for naught: the Secret-Keeper scorned his advances, even going so far as to burn the notes he had sent her in the middle of the Questport Square. 

In a fit of anger, the Lord of Angels and Demons cursed the lehdro s'ectre, causing her to lose her memory. Going even further, he ordered the gremlins to steal the Book of Knowledge--the only way he could think of that someone might figure out how to restore her memory--and tear it apart, hiding the pieces all across Questport.  

As the Darkness drew closer to Questport, the Lord of Angels and Demons began to spend copious amounts of time in the library. His research continued at a frantic rate for several months, until a gremlin returning a stack of books late at night dropped a lantern, and the resulting conflagration consumed the entire Questport Library. 

By that point, the Master of Darkness controlled almost the whole world outside of Questport's walls. But the Lord of Angels and Demons was ready for him: he had read of the Eight Keys, and what their joining would cause. And, if all else should fail, he knew of the Hidden Room in the Temple, and the shield that had once been held by the Yostwell itself... 

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