Queen Mavia

  • Race: Human
  • Description: Female, 5' 4", slim but powerful, long golden hair, hazel eyes. Two angel wings since being given the gift of flight.
  • Home: Syria
  • Title: Princepia Altoratrix (Supreme Protector)
  • Abilities: Empathy, Healing, Flight, Tactics & Strategy
  • Weaknesses: Fine Wine
  • Occupation: Chief Guardian of the Citadel of Questport
  • Weapons: Long Sword, Crossbow, Throwing Daggers

Biography: As Queen of Syria, Mavia led her Saracen troops in a rebellion against Rome, winning battle after battle until the Roman army retreated from her domain. After their defeat, the Romans gave her the title "Princepia Altoratrix" in recognition of her role as caretaker of her people. Mavia governed her people in peace for many years, but as time went by, she became restless. Through her efforts, her people had grown strong in both spirit and mind and could care for themselves. However, beyond her kingdom, many still suffered under the burdens of tyranny and injustice. Therefore, Mavia decided to dedicate herself to the defense of all free people who suffered unrightfully.

She traveled through many lands as a hero and champion of the weak and downtrodden. It was during this time that she rescued Djadan, prince of the Ravens, from the clutches of the Sorcerer-King of Khadein. In gratitude, he granted to her the gift of flight.

When the forces of darkness launched their latest attack, Mavia gathered together a multitude of refugees whom she led to safety in Questport. There she was implored by the Supreme Council to take up the defense of the Citadel, for they knew that she alone possessed the strength and compassion needed to keep safe those within. She accepted the burden and now works tirelessly to keep the darkness at bay.

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