The Adventure Never Ends...

The End of The Quest


Sabriel DuLac, Lord of the Supreme Council of Questport, stared uncomprehendingly at the clear blue sky overhead. She lay on the lawn in front of the castle of New Questport, the summer sun beaming down on her. Despite her peaceful surroundings, her heart raced frantically, as though she was still crouching behind a tree in the world of darkness, struggling frantically to complete the spell even as the valiant Resistance fighters fell to the awful onslaught of Eva's minions.

But, no, that had never happened--that world no longer existed. There was no Resistance, for there was no longer a Master of Darkness to fight against; the fairy's name was Emmy, not Eva. That world had flickered out like a dying candle once she had reversed her sister's foolish wish.

Her sister. A frown creased the Lord of the Supreme Council's brow and she rose to her feet, brushing wisps of grass off her robes. Yes, her sister and that meddling demon had made it back from the dark world as well--there they stood on the far side of the lawn, staring at each other with disgustingly mushy expressions. 

Sabriel DuLac cleared her throat, and to her relief they broke off the puppy-eyed staring. "Lirael," she said sternly, "we need to have a talk about the responsible use of wishes--"

Lirael crossed her arms, striking a pose that was intended to look defiant but came off as merely childish. "Lecture, lecture, lecture... yawn," she said in a sing-song voice. And then, a wicked smile stealing across her face, "Sister dear, remember when I locked you in the dungeons in my castle? I'd quite like to do that again..."

From up the road came the sound of walking, many feet crunching on the gravel. The Lord of the Supreme Council couldn't stop herself from sighing with relief as the members of the Fellowship walked into view--none of them evil, none of them dead, all of them happy. And then, as they drew closer, a smile that almost matched her sister's stole across her face.

"Fellowship, I want you to arrest these two," she began, "for threatening the Lord of the Supreme Council, creating an alternate reality, and general mischief--"

But the Lord of Angels and Demons and the Queen of Rogues and Robbers, arm in arm, were already sprinting away. The members of the Fellowship grinned and chased after them, and the whole group disappeared over the hill, shouting and laughing and readying spells.

The Lord of the Supreme Council smiled. All was back to normal.