The Adventure Never Ends...

                The Fellowship

Thus, the Fellowship was born. They were eight refugees who fled from the darkness only to find themselves as the last desperate hope of a besieged world. Would they be enough to defeat the evil and restore light to the land? They were so different from one another; each with his or her own history and story to tell. These differences, however, mattered little to an enemy who would destroy them all if they failed to defeat him, and that was enough to bind them together. So, they put aside their differences and in doing so discovered that each had special talents to share that together made them stronger as a group then any could ever have hoped to be alone. They acted out of need, rising to the occasion when all hope seemed to be lost, and refusing to surrender in the face of inevitable defeat. Such was not the stuff of legend...or was it? They were not heroes...or were they?

Read their stories and decide for yourself.


Gawain of the Oaktree Clan