The Master of Darkness

  • Race: ???
  • Description: Tall; always wearing a hooded black cloak and black leather gloves. Projects a very menacing aura. Silver eyes that shine when the light strikes them.
  • Home: ???
  • Occupation: Villain
  • Abilities: Sorcery, mind control, strength of ten men
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to the powers of the Yostwell's Light
  • Weapons: Black magic, telekinesis, mind control
Biography: Little is known about the Master of Darkness, the most evil sorcerer of this age. One thousand years ago, the Master of Darkness spread shadows across the entire world, conquering every land save for Questport and ruling them with an iron fist. Aided by dreadful armies of demons, as well as the blackest of sorcery, it seemed that no one could stand against this dreadful wizard. 

 After four years of tyrannical rule, the Eight Heroes of Questport undertook a dangerous quest to call upon the powers of the Yostwell’s Light. The sacred relic reappeared, driving out the Master of Darkness, and the entire Orbis Terrarum rejoiced as the evil darkness was lifted. Most, though not all, presumed the Master of Darkness to be dead, and soon the name of the most powerful sorcerer ever to live had dwindled to little more than a myth, a spooky story with which to scare children. 

Peace endured for a millennium, while Questport flourished and the memory of the Yostwell’s Light faded. Few even remembered the Master of Darkness, and none thought that the evil sorcerer would ever be seen again. But there came a day when dark clouds began to grow on the horizon, and monsters began to stir in the darkest places of the world. Rumors began to reach Questport: the Master of Darkness had been seen again, and one by one kingdoms were being swallowed by evil shadows. Many hoped that the Eight Heroes of old would reappear to save the world once again, but as weeks turned to months and the darkness crept closer to Questport, the heroes did not appear…


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