The Adventure Never Ends...

The Last Haven of Free People

In the heart of the enchanted forest, on a ridge overlooking the great Eastern Sea, stands the shining city of Questport. For a millennium it has shone against the powers of darkness as a beacon of courage and hope to all who suffer.

Time and time again it has served as the gathering place of heroes; intrepid warriors seeking glory, honor, and sometimes... revenge. 

At the heart of Questport lies the Temple, a focal point of living power that seeks forever to hold the darkness at bay. Therein is contained the sacred Yostwell's Light, the last remnant of the great powers that once protected the world from darkness.

The magic of the Yostwell's Light, aided by the strength and courage in the hearts of Questport's heroes, has countless times saved the sacred realm, and even the entire world, from falling under the shadow.

Now, as you stand at the portal of this brave land, BEWARE! The powers of darkness are once again gathering. Vile creatures, greedy villains, and evil incarnate await you within. It is not for the faint of heart to cross the threshold into this enchanted land,  but do not be dismayed. Herein you will also find friends both brave and true who will watch your back and help guide you on your way. So, gird your sword, string your bow, fill your quiver, and prepare your spells.

 The adventure begins... here.